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KabuK Style to give away entire sum of prize money won at the Japan Subscription Service Awards 2021 & Launches KabuK Style Diversity Support Project

Our travel subscription service HafH was chosen as the overall winner of the Japan Subscription Service Awards 2021. Along with the title of overall winner, KabuK Style (the company that owns and operates HafH) received 1,000,000 yen in prize money. We discussed the best way to use the prize money and came up with the idea to give away the entire amount to projects that embody diversity through travel. In order to do this, we’ve launched the KabuK Style Diversity Support Project.

First place: 500,000yen x1

Runners Up: 100,000yen x

5 Prize money will be awarded to 6 entrants.

How to enter

Anyone can enter as long as they meet all the requirements listed below (You don’t have to be a HafH member to apply). 1. Follow HafH’s official Instagram or Twitter account & share our post on the Diversity Support Project – For Twitter, simply retweet the post. For Instagram, share our post to your stories and tag @hafhglobal (You can use the hashtag: #LifestyleDiversityWithHafH / ※Japanese #HafHで多様な生き方を) 2. Your eligible project needs to be viewable on the web or on social media by the end of February 3. Your eligible project must be based on travel and diversity 4. You need to available for us to contact you on things like how you plan to use the prize money after you’ve received it. – Rather than simply handing over prize money, we want to continue to support your project. Therefore, we’d like to be able to stay in touch with you in the future.

Entry period

December 27, 2021 to 11:59PM on January 10, 2022

Selection Process

Winners announced early March

●Entrants’ applications checked and finalists chosen in house from January 11 to mid January, 2022

●HafH Community to choose winners from list of finalists during February 2022

●Winners announced early March, prize money transfered to winners late March


Please go to the enquiries page on (HafH members should enquire with HafH Concierge through messages)

Click here to enter.

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