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The HafH Japan Onsen MAP is now live! 20 new hot spring inns now available on HafH !

New properties in popular hot spring areas such as Kusatsu, Beppu, Hakone, Nagaoka, Shimoda, and more!

KabuK Style Inc. (Headquartered : Nagasaki, Japan; CEO: Kenji Sunada; hereinafter “KabuK Style”) is the company behind the travel subscription service, HafH, sinceApril 2019.

As of November 10, 20 new properties in popular hot spring areas such as Kusatsu, Beppu, Hakone, Nagaoka, and Shimoda have been added, bringing the total number of hot spring inns and hotels available at HafH to 104.

〈New accommodations in the newly added hot springs area〉

Morinohotel IwateAmbi Onsen
OokawasoFukushimaAshinomaki Onsen
Ikaho Onsen Hotel TenboGunmaIkaho Onsen
Manza Kogen HotelGunmaManza Onsen
Manza Prince HotelGunmaManza Onsen
Nagomigokoro no yado OmoriGunmaIkaho Onsen
Hotel MiyamaSaitamaChichibu Takashino Kosenkyo
Hakone YutowαKanagwaHakone Gora Onsen
Shimoda View HotelShizuokaIzu Shimoda Onsen
Izu Nagaoka Onsen Hotel TenboShizuokaIzu Nagaoka Onsen
Japanese Auberge YATSUSANKANGifuRyuba Onsen
HOTEL TANGRAMNaganoMadarao Onsen
Tateshina Tokyu HotelNaganoTateshina Onsen
Iwamuro Onsen YumotoyaNiigataIwamuro Onsen
ryugonNiigataMuikamachi Onsen
Hotel Matsubakawa OnsenKochiMatsubakawa Onsen
TheMana VillageKochiAshizuri Onsen
Yamamura BekkanYamaguchiNagato Yumoto Onsen

〈HafH Onsen property map〉

〈Popular hot spring resorts where you can stay in HafH〉

■ryugon(Niigata/Muikamachi Onsen)

In the summer of 2019, this property was newly reborn as “ryugon,” an inn where guests can experience the unique climate of the area with the heaviest snowfall in Japan.

The property boasts the fresh nature born from a pure white world, and provides a space for locals and travelers from all over the world to meet. Visitors can enjoy the snow through architecture, food, art, activities, and events at this property. The warm hospitality here allows guests to enjoy a relaxing time with the tranquility of the nearby valleys throughout the four seasons. This property’s building preserves the memory of “Ryugon” and the smiling faces of all those people involved with it, which are the most important things for the future of the Snow Country.

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■Akan Yuku no Sato Tsuruga(Hokkaido/Akanko Onsen)

”Akan-Yukyu-no-sato Tsuruga” is the place to go for hot springs in Hokkaido. We offer rooms where you can enjoy Lake Akan and the deep green nature to your heart’s delight, meals prepared with a variety of Hokkaido’s sea and mountain ingredients, one of the best hot springs in Hokkaido with a panoramic view of Lake Akan and Mount Ouakan, and a Japanese hospitality.

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■Matsuzakaya Honten(Kanagawa/Ashinoyu Onsen)

Celebrating its 360th anniversary, Matsuzakaya Honten in Hakone is a traditional ryokan that has been loved as a hot spring resort since the Edo period. The hot spring water contains all three major qualities that are great for the skin, and 100% of the hot spring water flows directly from the source. Enjoy the best hot spring water in Hakone, an area with a history of over 1,200 years, and one that will continue to be loved by guests for years to come.

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■Ochiairo(Shisuoka/Izu Yugashima)

Founded in 1874, Ochiairo was named by former shogunate minister Tesshu Yamaoka,  for its location on the shore where two rivers meet.

It is a registered tangible cultural property, built with the highest level of craftsmanship of its time.

The main building is made of black persimmon, ebony, and other woods, and has a bright, soft, and elegant atmosphere.

The guest rooms, stairways, and corridors are decorated with elaborate designs and precise workmanship.

Guests can further enjoy the architectural beauty of Ochiairo on the cultural heritage tour offered.

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The concept of AMANE RESORT SEIKAI is “White Time”,  a concept born from the property’s desire to ensure that guests spend their precious time in a relaxed and quiet atmosphere.

The property aims to deliver an experience that is not too much, or too little, but just right. 

Through this hospitality, they hope that all visitors can experience a peaceful time that is dyed in their own unique colors at Amane Resort Seikai.

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The theme of GAHAMA terrace is harmony.

This property values the harmonious blend of the historic building of Kunitake Villa and the modern contemporary architecture, nature, and artistic spaces.

 Staff will make every effort to provide guests with a comfortable and harmonious stay.

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About HafH

HafH (Home away from Home) is a travel subscription platform where members use HafH Coins accumulated through using the service to book accommodation. This new style of travel we provide is not just for tourism and business trips, but also for living, working, or even just for a change of pace.
As of October 2022, HafH members have access to over 1,000 accommodation facilities in Japan and across the globe.

Company Profile
Company name: KabuK Style Inc.
CEO: Kenji Sunada
Established: Jan 8, 2019 (Founded: Feb 5, 2018), HafH launch Apr 1, 2019
Capital: 1,513.2 billion yen (as of April 2021, includes capital reserve, etc.)
Business activities: operation of travel subscription service HafH, rental and accommodation operations, travel agent

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