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【Press Information】Summery of “Travel Subscription HafH”(as of October 2021)

HafH (Home away from Home) is a subscription accommodation service geared towards not only weekend leisure travel, but also for newer lifestyles like location independent working (remote work), location independent living (digital nomadism), vacationing while remote working (workationing), or even staycations for a change of pace close to home. Members use “HafH Coins” accumulated through the service to stay at various types of accommodation facilities.

As of October 2021, members have access to 987 hotels, ryokan, and guesthouses1 in 560 cities2 across 36 countries and regions, all for a fixed-price.
1 Japan: 747, Other: 240
2 Japan: 386, Other: 174

Partnering with hotels to create fixed-price accommodation, and through various partnerships with transportation companies, has allowed us to make travel easier and more accessible. By making travel and movement more flexible, we can offer a new lifestyle choice.

Increase in office workers signing up: widespread adoption of remote work creating a tailwind

With the increase of workplaces adopting remote work due to the global pandemic, HafH has seen a rapid increase in the number of new member registrations. The number of new members signing up for a HafH membership plan in 2020 reached a record high for six consecutive months, from July to December. The number of reservations made through HafH also reached record highs for five consecutive months from August to December.

In 2021, despite the impact of the ongoing state of emergency in Japan, membership numbers continued to grow, with the number of active members surpassing 25,000* in August. 
*Number of members who completed registration. Not including membership cancellation numbers.

The percentage of office workers using HafH, which was 33% of our membership base in 2019, increased after the state of emergency was lifted in 2020. The number is on the rise, with 45% as of December 2020, and 51% as of July 2021 (64% if management and executive level employees are included).

Looking at demographics in terms of age, the majority of our members are in their 30s or younger, especially those in their 20s.

However, the percentage of people in their 30s or younger, which was 76% as of 2019, has fallen to 67% as of July 2021, and there has been a gradual increase in the percentage of members in their 40s or older.

There is no significant difference in terms of gender.

Partnering with transportation companies like JAL & JR West

In the 2021 financial year, we have been accelerating collaboration projects with transportation companies in order to incorporate MaaS into our accommodation service.

On July 27, 2021, we announced a business alliance with JAL and trialled an “airline subscription” that serviced 10 flight routes to and from Haneda Airport with a subscription price of JPY 36,000 for 3 round trips plus 3 nights’ accommodation.

■ KabuK Style and JAL to trial “airline subscription service.” Applications to trial service accepted from August 1

■ HafH members exclusive offer! 40% discount on selected JR West Shinkansen and limited express services!

Second phase trial to start April 1 (written in Japanese)

Our mission 

Our mission is to “create the infrastructure for a society that accepts diverse values as they are.” In the past, the lifestyle elements of “living, working, and traveling” had their own separate “ideal forms.”
A house is something you live in for years. You have one job and commute to your workplace every day. Travel is only for the weekend/during time off from work. HafH has attracted attention for its ability to blur the lines between these lifestyle elements, and has been steadily gaining members, first as a service for “multi-location living” in 2019, then in 2020 as a platform for “workationers” who work while traveling.
We want to continue to blur the boundaries between these three lifestyle elements and create a world where each individual can more freely choose their own lifestyle. In 2021, we’ve taken on the challenge of creating a service that can offer a way to make travel a part of one’s everyday life. 

Why is the headquarters of HafH in Nagasaki? Creating a modern-day Dejima!

KabuK Style, the company behind HafH, is headquartered in Nagasaki, Japan. In 2019, based on the concept of “traveling and working around the world,” we opened our first company-operated accommodation complex in Nagasaki City.
During Japan’s Edo period, there was a purpose-built foreign settlement in Nagasaki called Dejima. The foreigners in Dejima, and people from Kyoto and Edo (Tokyo) interacted with local populations in Nagasaki, which created the perfect climate for a unique culture unlike any other to grow. 

There are those who are like the wind, traveling from place to place, and those who are like trees, laying down roots in one place. When these two types meet and interact, the seeds of ideas are spread and new growth ensues. HafH aims to be the coordinator that creates more opportunities for these two lifestyles to meet, starting by creating a modern day Dejima in Nagasaki, and helping to revitalize regional areas. 

We hope to develop this system not only in Nagasaki, but also in other HafHs around the world.

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