We are KabuK,
a travel fintech company.

What we focus on

Our vision is “Redesign travel around the world
to be more accessible with the power of technology”.

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For Travelers

Save Now, Buy Later

KabuK simplifies travel payments by allowing users to accumulate monthly payments, eliminating the need for repetitive data entry and payments for each booking. By offering fixed pricing, we aim to increase travel frequency and provide a stress-free booking and travel experience.

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One-stop payment for all travel experiences

KabuK offers more than just hotels; it also provides complete travel packages that include air and rail travel. By taking care of mobility payments as well as hotel stays, KabuK makes travel more integrated into your lifestyle.

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For Hotels

Direct to Consumers

Hotels spend too much time dealing with systems instead of serving guests because of the multiple systems involved between hotels and travelers. This leads to increased development costs. KabuK offers hotels a direct contract and processed marketing information for travelers, enabling them to offer a direct marketing experience to travelers.

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Price Stabilizing Algorithm

KabuK has developed algorithms that estimate prices and trading volume, as well as manage risks, based on user action data obtained through our subscription service and market price data. These algorithms are particularly useful for pricing models that fluctuate daily, such as hotel prices.

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We are tokenizing travel reservations. The travel industry relies on traditional, complicated, and error-prone systems, resulting in slower speeds and creating barriers to entry that hinder innovation. By decentralizing access to inventory, which is essential for creating travel services, we believe that we can create a better world.

Business Model

Very simple user experience
for the travel payment

KabuK provides a new value proposition, “Save Now, Buy Later,” through a travel subscription service that offers an easy booking experience. Rather than dealing with fluctuating prices based on the date of your stay and the time of your reservation, HafH charges a fixed monthly fee and converts it into a unique points program. This enables you to enjoy a more economical experience without the hassle of price fluctuations.


Who we are


We believe in the power of technology and create products that reflect our vision. We are an engineering company that builds the infrastructure of the future.

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Life at KabuK

Let's embark on
our journey together.

Take ownership, think differently, and build the infrastructure of the future.
You can contribute to the evolution of the innovation we are creating
by adding something that doesn't exist in the world today.

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