Fundraising of 100 million yen from regional revitalization funds, including Juhyo Bank – “Travel the world and work. HafH” expands to 58 locations.

The raised funds will be used for investment in Nagasaki, including development funds for HafH’s second location, GARDEN, as well as system development funds. We will continue to commit to the revitalization of Nagasaki and local economies through the growth of HafH.

KabuK Style Inc. (Headquarters: Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture; CEO: Kenji Sunada, Ryo Osera) announces that it has received a total investment of 100 million yen from the “Genki na Nagasaki” Support Investment Limited Liability Partnership (abbreviated as “Genki na Nagasaki” Support Fund), a joint venture established by Juhyo Bank, Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture; President: Takujirou Mori) and Dogan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture; CEO: Daisuke Mori), for the purpose of promoting local revitalization and regional development in Nagasaki Prefecture.

Under the basic principle of “creating social infrastructure that accepts diverse values as they are,” KabuK provides residential services that welcome people of all nationalities, races, genders, and religions to live in a second or third “home” where diversity is embraced. As a company from Nagasaki, KabuK will continue to contribute to the revitalization of the local economy by promoting population growth, further utilization of tourism resources, and expanding employment opportunities for young people.

◼︎Overview of “Genki na Nagasaki” Support Fund Fund Name: “Genki na Nagasaki” Support Investment Business Limited Liability Partnership Total Fund Amount: Approximately 3 billion yen Unlimited Liability Partnership Members: Dogan Co., Ltd. ( Limited Liability Partnership Members: Juhyo Bank, Ltd. ( Investment Target: mainly companies and businesses that contribute to the revitalization of the local economy in Nagasaki Prefecture

[Investment Details] Investment Type: Unsecured Ordinary Corporate Bonds Investment Amount: 10 million yen Investment Execution Date: April 26, 2019

◼︎We have added new accommodation facilities in Okinawa! With the addition of new HafH locations, the total number of available facilities has increased to 58.


A hostel that connects “strange connections”. Enjoy your stay in the exotic area of Chatan in Okinawa with carefully selected coffee. AIEN COFFEE & HOSTEL (Okinawa · Chatan)

Located in the heart of Namba, Osaka, with famous tourist spots such as Tsutenkaku and Tennoji Zoo nearby. You can spend a relaxing time in a space with tatami mats instead of beds. 04village hostel NAMBA (Osaka · Namba)

Enjoy the charming white-walled streets of Kurashiki, where KAG is located. Hostel Cafe & Diner KAG (Okayama · Kurashiki)

This hostel practices hospitality that overseas guests love, created by foreign staff. It is a place that is kind to Muslims, with a prayer room and a diversity of cultures. It’s also recommended for those who want to experience foreign cultures while staying in Japan! hostel DEN (Tokyo · Nihonbashi Hommachi)

Located near the Kamogawa River, this design hostel is in a green area. It’s a bit away from the city center, so you can stay in the relaxed daily life of Kyoto. Come visit like you’re visiting a friend’s room! hostel NINI ROOM (Kyoto)