Our Story

We believe that diversity is becoming more important in a future
where technology is advancing and all possibilities are expanding,
and we were founded in 2018 with the mission of creating an infrastructure
for a society that accepts diverse values as they are.

"KabuK" comes from the traditional Japanese drama "Kabuki".
"Kabuku" means "leaning a little bit", and our aim is to create a society
that respects living a slightly different and cool lifestyle.
At KabuK, we are committed to creating products that are necessary
for a society where diversity is fully accepted.

Working at KabuK

At KabuK, we value three principles: "Diversity," "Professionalism," and "Identity."
These principles are rooted in the way we work at KabuK.
To create an environment where diverse talent is accepted,
we have a unique system where everyone works remotely.

To make this system work, we need to have strong trust in each other,
and everyone is expected to act professionally.
We also respect the fact that everyone comes from different backgrounds
and has different values, and we encourage expressing one's identity.
If you are interested in what we value, you will surely enjoy working with the KabuK team.

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Our Mission

Creating the infrastructure for a society
that accepts diverse values as they are.
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Oct 23rd 2018
Announcing HafH’s concept of crowdfunding site Makuake
Jan 8th 2019
Opening of HafH Nagasaki SAI
Apr 1st 2019
Commencement of HafH service
Feb 1st 2020
Opening of HafH Fukuoka THE LIFE
Apr 1st 2020
Opening of HafH Goto The Pier
Aug 22nd 2020
Selected as one of Toyo Keizai's Top 100 Ventures
Sep 1st 2020
First trial of “residence & mobility subscription” collab with JR West
Nov 29th 2020
Listed in the top 100 Nikkei Business Daily’s “2020 Unicorn Survey”
Mar 3rd 2021
HafH available in 500 cities worldwide
Apr 1st 2021
Second trial of “residence & mobility subscription” collab with JR West
Jul 27th 2021
Trial "subscription flights" collab with JAL announced
Aug 1st 2021
Major renewal of HafH
Apr 28th 2022
A new global strategy team established
Nov 29th 2022
Acquired equity stakes in HEROWORKS and made it a KabuK group
Dec 1st 2022
HafH's availability outside of Japan exceeded 500 hotels
Feb 22nd 2023
Obtained a license as a travel agency Internationally and accreditation from the International Air Transport Association (IATA)


We contribute to the achievement of SDGs through our businesses
and various initiatives under our mission.

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Management Member

Board of Directors

Kenji Sunada

Executive Chairman

Hidenori Goto


Rika Kato


Hideo Valk