Work styles connecting diversity with sustainable growth

We aim to enable all of our crew who share our mission to achieve wellbeing, and we are developing a system that allows them to work in a variety of ways according to their values and roles.
  • Recruitment of Professional abilities
    KabuK Style hires people based on their professional abilities, and not based on their background.
    A person’s gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, disabilities are not questioned at all in our recruitment process.
  • Flexible work styles for each and every crew
    All of our crew work remotely and on flexible work schedules, enabling the crew to find work styles that suit their individual needs and allow room for secondary or additional jobs, supporting growth and development.
  • Establishment of strategic subsidiaries “HafHCO” and “HafH USC”
    In order to operate a business and organization in which all crew members can work in a well-being organizational environment, the directly managed hotel development and operation business is taken over by HafHCo and the service department with a focus on user success is taken over by HafH USC. As a strategic subsidiary, HafHCo will be managed with mission, vision, and values that are different from those of KabuK Style, while also being consistent with KabuK Style’s strategy.

Towards a future where each individual can choose their own style of living

Active participation in and support for SDG-related activities in cooperation with local communities and organizations, as well as training to promote further understanding of SDGs.


Urban development that promotes living in harmony with nature

To protect and improve the charms of our region, we continue to make efforts within the company to reduce waste.

In addition to promoting paperless operations, including contracts, our company-operated accommodation facilities sell original HafH silicone tumblers (by stojo) and offer discounts to promote their use.

The used coffee grounds from our company-operated sites are also provided to farmers to use as fertilizers.

Through our service, both employees and users are engaging in ways to help reduce waste.

Through participation in activities like beach cleanups (Goto City, Nagasaki), and plogging events, we will continue our efforts to protect communities and the environment at one small step at a time.

HafH Diversity in Residence Project vol.1 

HafH Diversity in Residence Project vol.1  "The Birth of Diversity from Identity”

We held an event at HafH Nagasaki SAI to share their lives with twin painters from Nagasaki Prefecture, Kenki Tsujimoto and Koki Tsujimoto. Through in-depth communication with these brothers over dinner and talk sessions, we deepened our understanding of their way of life as painters.

HafH Diversity in Residence Project Vol.2

HafH Diversity in Residence Project Vol.2"A Traveling Chef”

Naoko Hayashi, a cookery researcher and address hopper, became a HafH Neighbor and held an event to practice "working as if traveling" while staying at HafH affiliated guesthouses around Japan. The event was a great opportunity to experience the possibilities of HafH through deep interaction with local people through "food".

HafH Diversity in Residence Project Vol. 3

HafH Diversity in Residence Project Vol. 3 "A Homeless Fighter”

We invited Shinya Aoki, one of the world's top-class martial artists, as a "HafH Ambassador" to experience "unlimited life around the world" for one year. In addition, a talk show was held at HafH Nagasaki SAI. This was a project to learn about the way of life of fighters and the possibilities of HafH that can also support them.

HafH Diversity in Residence Project  vol.4

HafH Diversity in Residence Project vol.4 "Touch Diversity Project”

Under the theme of "People with Disabilities, Children, and Art," we invited designer Laila Qasim to a workshop to create a "one-of-a-kind world map. Free from their usual environment, the children's creative energy exploded. All participants became one through their work.

Diversity Support Project

Diversity Support Project

HafH was awarded the Grand Prix of the Subscription Awards 2021. All KabuK Style employees discussed how to use the prize money of 1 million yen and launched the "Diversity Support Project" to donate the entire amount to a project that embodies "Diversity" through travel.

Support for Kanazawa Pride Week 2022

Support for Kanazawa Pride Week 2022

As part of our efforts to create a diverse society, KabuK Style, in collaboration with LINNAS Kanazawa, a HafH affiliated accommodation facility in Kanazawa, held the "Alai Gathering" as an official event of Kanazawa Pride Week 2022.

Support for professional Rugby sevens / Taisei Hayashi

Support for professional Rugby sevens / Taisei Hayashi

KabuK Style provided support for professional sevens rugby player Hayashi's #National Step Challenge through HafH for the use of accommodations. In addition, KabuK Style provided public relations support to disseminate information about Hayashi and to increase awareness and understanding of sevens.