“MMA fighter, Shinya Aoki, fights his way around the world.” He has started using the all-you-can-stay, fixed-price accommodation service “HafH” as its ambassador.

July 27th, a talk event featuring Shinya Aoki and Miura Takahiro, the representative director of Breakthrough Company GO, will be held at HafH Nagasaki SAI.

“HafH (an abbreviation for “Home away from Home”), which started its service in April 2019, offers a subscription-based service that allows users to live anywhere in the world. In rural areas where diversity is not often encountered, HafH has implemented a program called “Diversity in Residence” to promote exchanges between residents. The first and second programs brought in a painter and a chef, respectively, to create opportunities for cultural exchange. This year, the program is featuring a “Fighter in Residence,” as the professional mixed martial artist, Shinya Aoki, will be living as a HafH resident for one year and experiencing unlimited living worldwide. On July 27th (Saturday), there was a talk event with Breakthrough Company GO CEO Takahiro Miura, in addition to the fighter’s residency. Would you like to experience living with a fighter through this program?”

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