This summer, where will you work remotely? HafH offers a “trial HafH” plan for as little as 3,000 yen for two nights. Let’s “work while traveling the world” with HafH!

In an era where you can work from anywhere, why not try working while traveling the world without being confined to a traditional office or home? With HafH, you can work from locations such as Bali, Cebu, and the Gold Coast, as the HafH Network expands to 95 locations both domestically and internationally.

Our company is proposing a new lifestyle called “HafH – Work and Travel the World” that not only benefits freelancers and digital nomads who can work from anywhere, but also those who work for companies and can take advantage of telework and workation programs. By becoming a HafH member, you can access 95 “work and travel” locations worldwide at a flat rate based on your usage needs, with all locations providing power, Wi-Fi, workspace, and accommodation. Starting today, we are accepting applications for the “Trial HafH” plan, which allows you to stay for 2 nights for only 3,000 yen per month. Why not take the opportunity of Telework Days to try working and traveling the world?

※This plan has ended.

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