We will accelerate the development of coliving facilities through a capital partnership with NEC Capital Solutions Limited.

As the first step, we have completed the acquisition of a hotel in Fukuoka, and are launching the second and third projects. We have formed a comprehensive partnership with both companies’ lodging and food and beverage businesses.

KabuK Style Inc. (Representative Director: Kenji Sunada/Ryo Osera) has entered into a capital business partnership agreement with NEC Capital Solutions Ltd. (President and CEO: Tomoo Imakazu) to accelerate the expansion of its co-living facilities for the fixed-rate, all-you-can-live service “HafH”. In the future, KabuK will collaborate with NEC Capital Solutions to further expand its business by planning and developing co-living facilities.

KabuK is focusing on expanding its available facilities to enhance its fixed-rate, all-you-can-live service “HafH”. In particular, expanding its self-operated co-living facilities is an important element for achieving KabuK’s mission of “creating infrastructure for a society that allows diverse values to coexist in a diverse manner”.

KabuK aims to become one of the options for co-living facilities, which has not yet been established worldwide. Through the partnership with NEC Capital Solutions, KabuK aims to diversify its fundraising methods and deliver excellent co-living facilities to customers as soon as possible.

NEC Capital Solutions is committed to CSV management (Creating Shared Value=creating shared values) that creates both social and economic value. As part of this effort, NEC Capital Solutions is working on new businesses in agriculture, tourism, energy, and healthcare fields to solve regional issues. The partnership with KabuK is expected to accelerate its efforts in the tourism field.

The contents of the capital business partnership this time are as follows:

NEC Capital will consider providing financial support (loans, investments, asset liquidity, collaborative finance with local financial institutions, etc.) for the co-living facilities planned and developed by KabuK.

KabuK and NEC Capital will comprehensively collaborate on each other’s accommodation and food and beverage businesses, including tourism-related accommodation and food and beverage businesses operated by NEC Capital.

KabuK will consider providing support for NEC Capital’s initiatives aimed at revitalizing local communities based on tourism, in order to accelerate its business development.

As the first project, we received the transfer of all businesses related to “THE LIFE HOSTEL & BAR LOUNGE” (1-1 Gion-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, First Prince Building), from TRASTA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takao Kido) in November 2019. The facility is positioned as one of KabuK’s flagship stores in Kyushu, and we are planning to renovate and reopen it on February 1, 2020 (scheduled).

We are already progressing with the second and third projects and are working to develop a comfortable living environment where people can spend their time freely in their preferred location.

[THE LIFE HOSTEL & BAR LOUNGE / Before renovation]

<Overview of the facility> Name: THE LIFE HOSTEL & BAR LOUNGE Location: 1st Prince Building, Gionmachi 8-13, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City Area: 1st floor 314.26㎡ , 2nd floor 634.04㎡ Number of beds: Total of 132 beds (dormitory: 112 beds, private rooms/capacity of 2: 10 rooms) KabuK Style will continue to enhance its services and expand its facilities to achieve a society that accepts diverse values, including through business partnerships, in order to make HafH a more user-friendly service and accelerate business progress. Enjoy your Life Journey!

KabuK Style Inc. <Company Overview> Company name: KabuK Style Inc. Representative: Kenji Sunada/Ryo Osera, Representative Directors Establishment date: February 5, 2018 Capital: 411 million yen (as of the end of November 2019, capital and capital reserves) Business activities: Operation of the fixed-rate all-you-can-live service “HafH”

NEC Capital Solutions Limited. <Company Overview> Company name: NEC Capital Solutions Limited. Representative: Tomoo Imazeki, President and CEO Establishment date: November 30, 1978 Capital: 3,778.8 million yen Listed market: Tokyo Stock Exchange First Section (8793) Business activities: Leasing, installment sales and factoring of information and communication equipment, office equipment, industrial machinery and equipment, and other various equipment facilities, financing, and collection agency services.