Expansion of fixed-rate living service “HafH” with 194 locations in 137 cities and regions in 17 countries worldwide from January 2020.

As a global co-living service originating from Japan, we aim to collaborate with 50 overseas cities by the end of 2019.

KabuK Style Inc. (Headquarters: Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Co-Representative Directors: Kenji Sunada and Ryo Osera) has expanded the number of partner facilities available for its flat-rate living service “HafH” to 194 locations in 137 cities (97 domestic/40 overseas) across 17 countries and regions since the service was launched in April 2019. (Reservations for the new locations will be available from December 26, 2019.) KabuK Style aims to partner with over 50 cities overseas by the end of fiscal year 2019 and to further expand the reach of the Japanese-origin global co-living service.

  • The number of facilities affiliated with “HafH” has increased by about 140 locations (about 3.6 times) since the service started in April 2019!
  • 12 new facilities are now available in Japan, and 11 new facilities are available overseas. Reservations are available from today!
  1. The number of facilities affiliated with “HafH” has increased by about 140 locations (about 3.6 times) since the service started in April 2019! The network of HafH, which started with 53 facilities in Japan and overseas in April 2019, has expanded to 194 facilities in 17 countries and regions and 137 cities (97 domestic cities/40 overseas cities) in just nine months. All facilities are equipped with power, Wi-Fi, and a workspace, and the main providers are accommodations that value community. We have partnered with facilities that prioritize creating connections that make guests want to visit again. In 2020, we will continue to focus on expanding our network of facilities to include even more diverse types of partners.

◼︎2019 Added Facility Transition

[Sunada’s comment]

HafH (Hafu), which began in April 2019, has grown at a pace that exceeds our initial plans. We believe that this is due in part to the support of our partner facilities, who share our desire to provide a place where people can say “welcome home” anywhere in the world.

Over the past year, we have focused on expressing our goal of providing a “service that allows you to live easily anywhere in the world.” Since we have not yet reached “anywhere in the world,” we will continue to focus on expanding our partner facilities in cities around the world. We currently aim to have 50 cities overseas, mainly in Asia, by March 2020, and plan to focus on expanding our European operations in 2020. In addition, we will accelerate the development of our in-house HafH facilities, such as “HafH Fukuoka THE LIFE,” which is scheduled to open on February 1, 2020.

In 2020, KabuK Style will continue to work towards its mission of “creating infrastructure for a society that tolerates diverse values.”

[About HafH]

HafH is a Japanese-born, global co-living service that aims to provide a platform where people can live anywhere in the world for a fixed monthly fee (all-inclusive of utilities, equipment, internet, security deposit, key money, furniture purchase costs, and other initial costs). As of January 2020, it is available in 17 countries and regions, 137 cities (97 domestic and 40 overseas), and 194 locations. Service URL: https://hafh.com/

  1. 12 new locations in Japan and 11 new locations overseas are now available for booking starting today! Here are the regions where the newly added HafH facilities are available:

[Domestic (12 new locations)]: Hokkaido, Tokyo, Chiba, Nagano, Osaka, Hyogo, Kagawa, Tokushima, Nagasaki

[Overseas (11 new locations)]: Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam

This announcement added 12 new domestic locations and 11 new overseas locations where HafH can be used. As new cities, Chiang Mai, Lombok, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Phuket, Ho Chi Minh, and Daito been added, bringing the total number of HafH locations overseas to 40.

Here’s a brief summary of each facility:

Mustard Hotel Asakusa 1 and 2 (Tokyo, Taito-ku):

Both hotels are located in the bustling Asakusa area of Tokyo, and offer natural hot springs and comfortable accommodations. Mustard Hotel Asakusa 1 has a sauna, while Mustard Hotel Asakusa 2 offers a free breakfast.

Hotel Nupka (Hokkaido, Obihiro City):

This hotel is a great place to experience the natural beauty and local culture of the Tokachi region. Guests can work in the 2nd lounge NUPKA ONNAY and enjoy local cuisine and beer at the CAFE&BAR.

The Social House (Indonesia, Jakarta):

This facility offers various events and community activities, making it the perfect place for co-living in Jakarta. The energetic community manager is waiting to welcome you.

Biliq Co-living (Indonesia, Bali):

This facility is just a 5-minute walk from the co-working space, making it ideal for nomads who want to interact with users from different countries while enjoying comfortable living.

ETHES Co-working, Co-living (Indonesia, Yogyakarta):

This facility is located in a quiet area with an open and spacious design, about 20 minutes by car from the center of Yogyakarta. It’s perfect for those who want to work in a relaxing environment with a view of a distant active volcano.

◼︎As of December 26, 2019, HafH had available facilities in the following regions

  • Domestic: 47 prefectures in Japan
  • Overseas: Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar, Kenya, Tanzania, Greece, Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Georgia, and Cambodia.