The flat-rate coliving service “HafH” has started providing domestic and international airline tickets to its members and has partnered with Tokio Marine Nichido to automatically include personal liability insurance. These moves are part of HafH’s goal to become a comprehensive service that supports new work styles.

In addition, HafH will expand its number of locations and become available at Prince Hotel, Hyatt House Kanazawa, and Marriott Group, further supporting the new workstyle with its comprehensive services.

KabuK Style Inc. (Representative Directors: Kenji Sunada and Ryo Osera) has been providing the “HafH (Home away from Home)” platform since April 2019, aiming to offer a monthly fixed-rate platform where people can live anywhere in the world.

We are pleased to announce the following updates to the HafH service:

  • New pricing plans for HafH have been available since January 1, 2021.
  • Customer support has started as “HafH concierge,” offering member support that includes domestic and international flight arrangements.
  • We have partnered with Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. to provide automatic coverage of personal liability insurance at no additional cost, starting from January 1, 2021.
  • The HafH website ( has been renewed! It is now possible to search from a map, and the function to earn HafH coins will also be added.

In addition, HafH can now be used in 247 cities in 25 countries and regions (80 cities abroad, 167 cities in all 47 prefectures in Japan), and at 400 locations (139 locations abroad, 261 locations in Japan).

◼︎Major hotel groups, such as Prince Hotels and Hyatt House Kanazawa, have been added to the partnership locations with the latest facility additions.

Along with the Marriott group, which became a partner last month, guests can now choose from a wider variety of accommodations.

HafH will continue to provide services that meet various needs by developing comfortable workcation environments in various forms.

◼︎HafH’s pricing plan has been updated!

New plans will be available starting January 1, 2021. The limited-time “Try HafH (maximum 2-night stay)” plan will become a regular plan under the name “Try HafH (maximum 1-night stay)”. Guests who choose the “Just a little HafH (maximum 5-night stay)” plan will automatically receive 100 HafH Coins, which can be used for room upgrades and other benefits.

The popular limited-time plan “Try HafH (maximum 2-night stay)”, which has been well-received since August 2019, will be a regular plan starting January 2021 to help guests enjoy HafH. While the maximum number of nights per month will be reduced from 2 to 1, guests can still take advantage of all HafH services, including the “HafH Concierge” function, which includes air ticket arrangements, personal liability insurance coverage, and HafH Coin earning functions.

In addition, guests who choose the “Just a little HafH (maximum 5-night stay)” plan will receive an additional 100 HafH Coins that can be used for room upgrades and other benefits.

◼︎HafH has expanded its services to include more than just accommodation with the introduction of “HafH Concierge”.

This service aims to assist HafH members with a wide range of issues they may face during their travels, such as advice on local restaurants or help with planning domestic or international trips. The service includes a chat function that enables HafH members to speak with a concierge who can provide assistance and recommendations.

As part of the HafH Concierge service, the company has also announced that it will begin offering assistance with booking domestic and international flights from November 1st, 2020. HafH members will be able to access this service via the chat function and will be offered the best possible rates for flights, including reasonable prices. The service is available to all HafH members, except for those on the “Good Night HafH” plan. HafH aims to offer a unique and valuable service to its members, who are always seeking new and interesting experiences during their travels.

◼︎On January 1, 2021, HafH announced a partnership with Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. to provide personal liability insurance coverage for all HafH plans (excluding “Oyasumi HafH”) at no additional cost.

This means that if a HafH member were to cause damages or injuries during their stay or the day after, they would be covered under the personal liability insurance provided by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance. No additional procedures are necessary for HafH members to be covered by this insurance, and it is automatically included in their plan without any additional fees.

◼︎HafH’s website and features have been renewed! You can now search by map, and a HafH Coin acquisition function will also be added.

The website design has been renewed! You can now search by map on the facility reservation page. The renewal of My Page will include a function to acquire “HafH Coins”!

We have renewed the website and functions of HafH. The facility reservation page now allows for map searches, making it easier to find the perfect accommodation for your stay.

Furthermore, we plan to renew the My Page feature in the future. Members will be able to earn more HafH Coins than before upon registration, as well as collect badges based on their usage of HafH and earn bonus HafH Coins by referring friends and family. Enjoy the expanding world of HafH even more.

◼︎The partners supporting HafH are expanding more and more.

Since the service launch in April 2019, HafH has developed into a better service with the support of many partner companies. As a “comprehensive service to support new work styles,” we are still recruiting partner companies.

<Main partner companies>

◼︎KabuK Style CEO Kenji Sunada’s comment: Comprehensive service supporting a new work style since the service launch one and a half years ago.

Since the service launch in April 2019, we have continued to develop our platform with the vision of “Working while traveling the world” and “Expanding the way we work” to provide a space where people can spend time with those they like, whenever and wherever they want.

Amidst the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the travel and tourism industry, the rapid preparation of teleworking environments and the significant shake-up of corporate and individual values have drawn attention to a new value known as “workation”. As a service that has been developed with this new value in mind, HafH’s new paid plan subscription numbers have accelerated, increasing 3.2 times year-on-year in July, 3.8 times in August, and 4.0 times in September, marking record highs for three consecutive months. The number of reservations has also accelerated, increasing 3.1 times year-on-year in July, 3.8 times in August, and 4.2 times in September, also marking record highs for three consecutive months.

Due to the expansion of the new value that we have been aiming for, and HafH’s ability to offer a variety of types of accommodations in approximately 250 cities in 25 countries, as well as the establishment of a certain degree of data verification regarding usage, we have now completed the verification phase. As a result, we are repositioning HafH as a “comprehensive service supporting a new work style” and steering towards further growth. Our mission is to “create social infrastructure that accepts diverse values as they are” and we will continue to accelerate our progress towards this goal.

◼︎As of October 29, 2020, the countries and regions where HafH’s available locations

found are Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Australia, the United States, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Greece, Georgia, Spain, Kenya, and Tanzania.