Let’s Go! We have started selling the “Peach Unlimited Pass”

HafH Members Only! Get ¥3,000 worth of Peach points AND 100 HafH Coins!

Plus 30 HafH VIP members can win the chance to be the first to try Peach’s new Unlimited Pass.

KabuK Style Inc. and Peach Aviation  Limited (hereafter: Peach) have teamed up to support a new location independent style of living, to advance mobility and facilitate growth of transient populations that interact with and support growth in regional communities.

We’ve joined forces with Peach in creating a new style of travel through the “Peach Unlimited Pass” promotion. The Unlimited Pass is a fixed-price air ticket that allows unlimited flights on all of Peach’s domestic routes for one month. Peach will launch the Unlimited Pass on October 19, 2021 (Tuesday) at 12:00PM

HafH Members who purchase a Peach Unlimited Pass during the promotion period (between 12:00PM Tuesday, October 19 to 11:59PM Tuesday, November 30) will also receive ¥3,000 worth of Peach points, and can also collect an additional 100 HafH Coins by completing an online survey.

From 12:00PM on October 20, 30 passes will become available exclusively to HafH VIP members to be the first to trial the Peach Unlimited Pass.


◼︎Partnership Background

HafH is a subscription travel service that gives members access to 949 accommodation facilities in 551 cities across 36 countries and regions (as at Sept. 2021) for a fixed monthly fee.

We are introducing a new style of living by providing accommodation at a fixed-rate and  more flexible transport options through our alliances with transportation companies, which will make travel easier and more convenient.

KabuK Style and Peach have reached an agreement to create new demand for air travel that supports new life/work styles, and the growth of transient populations that breathe new life into, and help to revitalize  regional areas – something that cannot be achieved through conventional demands like business travel and tourism.

◼︎About the joint Peach x HafH Promotion

We believe that by coupling HafH with Peach’s “Peach Unlimited Pass”, we can provide a new experience that will change travel for the better, making it easier and more convenient.

In addition to conventional business trips and sightseeing trips, we hope to inspire people to try “new normal” life/work styles like workationing and multi-location living, which have recently been gaining traction as they allow people to live and work from places they love, while also being able to avoid crowds or being stuck behind the same four walls every day.

◼︎About The Peach Unlimited Pass

The Peach Unlimited Pass is a service that allows unlimited flights on all of Peach’s domestic routes for one month from Nov. 1 to 30, 2021 without route limitations.

・The Campaign overview

HafH members who have purchased the Peach Unlimited Pass and meet the following conditions

and apply for this campaign will receive a gift of Peach Points (equivalent to 3,000 yen) as a gift.

  • Peach X HafH Campaign



・Limited to 30 HafH VIP members! Trial Peach’s new Unlimited Pass through HafH!


Starting Wednesday, October 20, 2021 at 14:00, HafH VIP members are invited to apply to be the first to try out the Peach Unlimited Pass. 30 passes will be available to purchase through HafH.

The 30 Peach Unlimited Passes available for purchase through HafH will be open to HafH VIP members (those who have used HafH for at least 3 consecutive months).

Successful applicants will receive ¥3,000 worth of Peach points and, if they complete the online survey sent out afterwards, can also receive 100 HafH Coins to use towards accommodation.

■See below for more information on the Peach Unlimited Passes sold through HafH


*Entry conditions apply. Please note that we cannot accept cancellations.

・Peach Unlimited Pass

There are two types of Peach Unlimited Pass: lite and standard. Lite is 19,800 yen and 29,800 yen, and Standard is 29,800 yen

and 39,800 yen1. With Standard, seat reservation fees2 and one checked bag*3 are free. We will sell a total of 150 Lite /

Standard tickets. Please see the next page for further details.

<Eligible routes>

33 Peach domestic routes

Eligible period

One month from November 1 to November 30, 2021

  • 1 The first 30 Lite / Standard tickets will be sold at 19,800 yen (including tax) for Lite and 29,800 yen (including tax) for Standard.
  • 2 Only Standard seats and Pleasure seats
  • 3 Weight up to 20 kg, 3 sides total up to 203 cm

<Special Notes>

  • Registration of a Peach account is required for purchase and use.
  • The above amounts are for the Unlimited Pass for all domestic routes (including consumption tax) per pass.
  • With Peach Unlimited Pass, the fare amount is discounted from the total amount when making a reservation

for the eligible period and routes. Taxes, airport charges, seat selection, checked baggage and other options not included in the fare type must be paid at the time of booking (no payment fees required).

  • Only one person can make a reservation and board a flight for each pass.
  • A separate payment fee is required only when purchasing a pass.
  • The number of tickets for sale is limited, and the sale ends as soon as the tickets sell out.
  • Various Simple Peach fare conditions apply to matters not described in these special notes.
  • If a customer violates the terms, use of the Peach Unlimited Pass may be suspended without notification.
  • Only customers 12 years of age or older who have official identity verification documents that includes a photo

(driver’s license, passport, basic resident register card, student ID, etc.) can use this service.

  • Only those with names registered when purchasing can use this service. Please be sure to bring

your identity verification documents (driver’s license, passport, etc.) as we may need to verify

your identity at each airport when boarding flights.

  • If the service is used by someone other than the registered person, both the reservation and

the Peach Unlimited Pass will be invalidated, and in such case, the amount for the purchases of the Pass,

optional purchases, and other taxes will not be refunded.

  • If you do not board Peach Unlimited Pass reserved flights three times or more, your use of the Pass may be suspended.
  • Peach Unlimited Pass reservations can be made from the Lite and Standard dedicated websites, respectively.

Please check the following special page for further details.

  • Peach Unlimited Pass reservation details cannot be changed. If there is a schedule change,

please cancel your reservation and make another reservation.

  • To cancel your reservation, please use the reservation confirmation / change site just like a normal reservation.
  • Please note that no refunds will be given for reservations canceled due to customer circumstances.
  • If a reserved flight is delayed for more than 2 hours or canceled, it will be transferred to the same route /same day. Taxes, checked baggage and other optional purchase fees will be refunded only if the transfer cannot be made to the same day / same route.
  • Reserved flights may be cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus. We ask for your understanding on these matters.