KabuK Style and JR West have launched the third trial of their Discount Campaign!

Promoting a new lifestyle and the revitalization of Western Japan.

KabuK Style, Inc. (Headquarters: Nagasaki City, CEO: Kenji Sunada, “KabuK Style”) and West Japan Railway Company (headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka, CEO: Kazuaki Hasegawa, “JR West”) have collaborated to release a new HafH x JRWest Discount Campaign for HafH users, which will commence on August 1, 2022. The service is the third trial of its kind and will be held with the purpose of promoting a new lifestyle and the revitalization of areas within the JR West region.

Responding to an ever changing society, JR West have proposed a “NEW WAY of RAIL WAY”, collaborating with rail services to release new offers that support diverse lifestyles.

The first trial (held from September to November, 2020) and the second trial (April to November, 2021) were both well received by users and were found to have achieved good results in reforming and revitalising mobility. As a result, the third trial will be run, this time with less limitations on where users can alight and board Shinkansen and limited express trains to allow for greater freedom.

JR West’s rail network will combine with KabuK Style’s travel subscription service, HafH, a service that allows its users to stay in facilities across the world for a set monthly fee. Their combined goal is to introduce a new style of living, where anyone can work or travel anywhere they like, and to continue “developing lines to towns that people want to come back to time and time again.

KabuK style is a business alliance partner to and funded by JR West Innovations (headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka, CEO: Makoto Okuno), a complete subsidiary of JR West.

◼︎The trial in detail

※This Campaign has ended.

Who is eligible: HafH users (does not apply to users who have paused their subscription)

  • Users must register as a HafH user in advance. After registration, they will automatically be entered into the trial.
  • We ask for user’s cooperation in answering the survey which will be sent out after the trial ends.
  • Refer to the webpage below for more details: https://www.hafh.com/topics/14330

Service details: Eligible HafH users will be offered a chance to receive exclusive user discounts on certain tickets in the JR West regions.


◼︎Some partner facilities offered in the trial (example)

The following are some of the accommodations that are partnering in this trial (information correct as of July 14, 2022).

Hokuriku Area(Partner facilities Ishikawa:22、Fukui:4)


Keihan/Wakayama・Nanki Area(Partner facilities Osaka:60、Kyoto:61、Wakayama:16)


Hiroshima・Yamaguchi・Okayama/Sanin Area(Partner facilities Hiroshima:27、Yamaguchi:7、Okayama:10、Shimane:8、Tottori:6)


◼︎Overview of the “HafH x JRWest Discount Campaign”

This service is limited to HafH members who have registered for a paid subscription and allows them to buy rail tickets at a special discounted price from the official online reservation system offered by JR West, “e5489” (users must pay for the ticket at the time of purchase.)

  • Users must be signed up for a paid subscription plan with HafH in order to use this service.
  • Provided it it within the trial period, there is no limit to the amount of times users can avail of the discount.
  • We are also planning to hold events and campaigns to promote diverse lifestyles and new forms of mobility.

◼︎Overview of the exclusive members’ discount tickets for e5489 (for HafH)

HafH users (excluding users on a paused subscription) will be able to receive special discounts on Shinkansen and limited express train tickets. Users can reserve as many times as they like from the JR West online reservation service, “e5489” (the user may only reserve for themselves). Users on a paid subscription of HafH will be issued a J-WEST ID to use (a dedicated account for the e5489 site).

・Period for buying and using the service: August 1, (Monday) to October 31 (Monday), 2022

・IDs will be issued in order from July 29, 2022 (Friday).

Tickets can be purchased from up to one month before the desired date of travel until the day of travel (provided it is within the service period).

・Available routes and prices (based on the price of a one-wat ticket for one adult within regular season with a reserved seat in a regular carriage. The boarding ticket is included in the calculation.) *Some exceptions apply

  • The amount of the special discount is the difference between the list price and the discounted price.
  • The service does not include an option for children.

Other: users can also avail of a Rental Car service from the station (disclaimer compensation included, 24 hour usage, S class, number of vehicles limited).

For details of other tickets, please refer to the “JR Odekake” website.

  • Please note that this article has been published as part of a joint release. The information released by each company may overlap.