Limited time offer: 70% off for the first month!

“Start Your Travel Subscription™️ Campaign” has started! In addition to the “Starter Pack” which offers a 70% discount on the first month’s fee, there is also a friend invitation campaign.

KabuK Style Inc. (Headquarters: Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture; Representative Director: Kenji Sunada; hereafter KabuK Style) has been providing the travel subscription service “HafH” since April 2019.

Starting from December 5th, a new plan for HafH called “New Standard” (monthly fee of 9,800 yen) will be introduced. With this new plan, users can request JAL airline tickets that can be used in combination with accommodations, as well as utilize a “Travel Gacha” feature to obtain JAL airline tickets at a more affordable rate than regular reservations.

Furthermore, to coincide with the start of the new plan, the “Let’s Start the Travel Subscription Campaign” will be launched from December 5th to December 31st. This campaign includes the following two offers:

(1) A limited-time release of a “Starter Pack” where new subscribers can enjoy a 70% discount off the initial monthly fee of 9,800 yen (2,940 yen) with the assumption of continuing the use of the new “New Standard” plan for three months.

(2) An upgraded version of the friend referral campaign for a limited time.

◼︎New Standard Plan is Now Available!

Starting December 5th (Mon), HafH will introduce a new plan called “New Standard” (monthly fee: 9,800 yen). With the new plan, the monthly limit on the number of nights that can be stayed will be abolished, and users can stay as many nights as they want as long as they have enough coins. In addition, the popular feature of requesting JAL airline tickets and the ability to share the coins for booking stays for two people will also be available. Furthermore, a coin purchasing function (beta version), which has been requested by many users, will also be available.

  • Background of the New Plan Release

HafH has been committed to creating a world where as many people as possible can smoothly experience the wonderful journey of discovering the charm of local areas, encountering new people, and encountering new values through travel.

However, in order to aim for more customers to use our service, we had a challenge that “the mechanism of plans and other systems is complicated, and it is difficult for those who first know about HafH to understand.” With the new plan, we aim to make our service more accessible to more people by eliminating rules such as accommodation limits and coin conversions.

The new plan “New Standard” will be a regular plan that can be used continuously in the future.

◼︎”Start Your Travel Subscription™ Campaign” Begins!

Campaign Overview Campaign Name: “Start Your Travel Subscription™ Campaign” Campaign Page:

Campaign Details (1) Starter Pack (for first-time HafH users only) We will release a limited-time “Starter Pack” where the initial monthly fee is 70% off for new registrants who plan to continue using the new “New Standard” plan for three months.

  • The second and third month fees will be the normal ¥9,800.
  • The campaign may end early depending on the number of applications received.

(2) Invite-a-Friend Campaign The “Invite-a-Friend” function will be powered up for a limited time.

  • Inviting Friends: When the invited friend registers as a new member, the inviter will receive 200 coins (normally 100 coins) after the friend’s first stay.(*1)
  • Invited Friends: New members who register from the invitation URL will receive 100 coins as a gift! (as usual)(*2)

◼︎Notes on the “Start Your Travel Subscription™️ Campaign” (*1) If a friend invited via the invitation URL registers as a new member of HafH between December 5th, 2022 and December 31st, 2022, the inviter will receive 200 coins upon the friend’s first stay completion (usually 100 coins). The maximum number of invited persons eligible for this campaign is 100 people. For the 101st person and beyond, 100 coins will be awarded per invite. The timing for awarding HafH coins to the inviter is the day after the check-in date for the invited person’s first stay. *There is no deadline for the first stay in this campaign. (*2) When a friend is invited via the invitation URL and registers as a new member of HafH, 100 coins will be awarded to the invited person at the time of registration.

● This campaign may be canceled or extended without notice. ● Only one account per person can be registered, and multiple member accounts cannot be held. Members cannot transfer or transfer their accounts to third parties. ● In case of a violation of the Terms of Use or if we judge it to be fraudulent, we may be ineligible for the award of HafH coins and may suspend the use of HafH or delete the membership registration. ● If you withdraw from membership, we cannot give you HafH coins, so please be aware of this in advance. ● We cannot answer inquiries about whether an invited person is eligible for the campaign.