KabuK Style visits UAE with METI Minister Nishimura on JU-CAT initiative to accelerate global business development from UAE

KabuK Style Inc.  (Headquartered : Nagasaki, Japan; CEO: Kenji Sunada; hereinafter “KabuK Style”), a Travel Fintech company operates the Travel Subscription “HafH” from April 2019, has recently visited the UAE with Mr. Nishimura, METI (Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry), under the JU-CAT (Japan-UAE Coordination Scheme for Advanced Technology) initiative.

JU-CAT is a partnership framework between Japan’s METI and the UAE MoIAT (Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology ) that connects Japanese startups with advanced technologies and UAE investors.

KabuK Style will accelerate its global business development in the future, utilizing the JU-CAT initiative as well.

In order to create the infrastructure for a society that accepts diverse values as they are, we are working demonstrably to build a decentralized infrastructure for travel reservations using blockchain technology in travel subscription service “HafH.” This participation in JU-CAT is in anticipation of global business development from the UAE, where there is a high level of interest in blockchain technology.

In addition, we are developing algorithms to stabilize prices through AI, along with price and acceptance estimation of accommodation and aircraft prices, which fluctuate on a daily basis. We believe that our participation in JU-CAT and our visit to the UAE were in recognition of their advanced technology.

During this visit, we interacted with the startup ecosystem in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region, including visits to HUB71, the largest accelerator in the UAE, Flat6Labs, and Astrolabs.

KabuK Style will continue to develop its global business by utilizing the JU-CAT initiative as well.