HafH has expanded its lineup to 17 facilities from Hoshino Resorts, with an additional 3 OMO facilities set to open soon.

Starting from March 6th, reservations for OMO Kansai Airport, OMO7 Kochi, and OMO5 Kumamoto will begin to be accepted.

(Headquartered in Nagasaki, Japan; Kenji Sunada, President; hereinafter “KabuK Style”) is pleased to announce the launch of its travel subscription “HafH” in April 2019.

As of today, March 6th, Hoshino Resorts (Headquarters: Karuizawa Town, Nagano Prefecture; Representative: Yoshiharu Hoshino) will start accepting reservations for three new hotels under their management through HafH.

Three hotels under the OMO brand, located in Kansai Airport, Kochi, and Kumamoto, have been added, expanding the number of Hoshino Resorts accommodations available through HafH to 17 facilities, ranging from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

The newly added hotels

“OMO by Hoshino Resorts” offers a unique lineup of hotels with the concept of a “city-centered hotel that excites you with its atmosphere,” serving as a base for urban tourism.

◼︎OMO Kansai Airport by Hoshino Resorts (located in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture) is set to open on March 20, 2023.


The hotel is located in a great location, just a one-minute walk from “Rinku Town Station,” one stop away from Kansai International Airport, which is the largest gateway to western Japan. Guests can enjoy activities and relax in the large public bath with a half-open-air bath and sauna, making it the perfect place to recharge before or after their flights.

Click here to make a reservationhttps://www.hafh.com/en/properties/1891

◼︎OMO7 Kochi by Hoshino Resorts (located in Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture) is set to open on April 6, 2023.


This hotel is located in the heart of Kochi City, a vibrant city with a rich history. Guests can take the tram near the hotel to visit the “Sunday Market,” one of Japan’s largest open-air markets, as well as the bustling “Hirome Market,” which is popular with both locals and tourists. It serves as a base for travelers to experience the local charms of the area.

Click here to make a reservationhttps://www.hafh.com/en/properties/1900

◼︎OMO5 Kumamoto by Hoshino Resorts (located in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture) is set to open on April 25, 2023.


Located at a prime location where Kumamoto’s most bustling streets, “Shimo-tori and Kami-tori,” intersect, the hotel has the Kumamoto City Tram running right in front of it. The hotel features unique guest rooms such as the “Takoyaki Room” and “Yagura Room” created to suit different preferences, as well as the “Deformity Terrace” which offers views of Kumamoto Castle, all designed to enhance the excitement of your trip.

Click here to make a reservationhttps://www.hafh.com/en/properties/1892

◼︎Here is a list of the 17 accommodations of Hoshino Resorts that you can stay at through HafH

You can book all 17 facilities of Hoshino Resorts, including “OMO” – an urban tourism hotel that boosts your travel excitement and “BEB” – a hotel that proposes a relaxed stay, through HafH.

(Hokkaido Area) OMO7 Asahikawa by Hoshino ResortsOMO5 Otaru by Hoshino ResortsOMO3 Sapporo Susukino by Hoshino Resorts

(Kanto Area) Hoshino Resorts BEB5 TsuchiuraOMO5 Tokyo Otsuka by Hoshino Resorts * Ranked 4th in 2022 HafH Accommodation RankingOMO3 Tokyo Akasaka by Hoshino Resorts * Ranked 1st in 2022 HafH Accommodation Ranking

(Chubu Area) Hoshino Resorts BEB5 KaruizawaOMO5 Kanazawa Katamachi by Hoshino Resorts

(Kansai Area) OMO7 Osaka by Hoshino ResortsOMO Kansai Airport by Hoshino Resorts * NEW!OMO5 Kyoto Gion by Hoshino ResortsOMO5 Kyoto Sanjo by Hoshino ResortsOMO5 Kyoto Toji by Hoshino Resorts

(Shikoku Area) OMO7 Kochi by Hoshino Resorts * NEW!

(Kyushu Area) OMO5 Kumamoto by Hoshino Resorts * NEW!

(Okinawa Area) Hoshino Resorts BEB5 Okinawa SeragakiOMO5 Okinawa Naha by Hoshino Resorts * Ranked 14th in 2022 HafH Accommodation Ranking

◼︎About the Major Spring Campaign “HafH Travel”

Starting February 21, 2023, we are holding a major spring campaign, “HafH Travel”. This campaign is a large-scale campaign for both new and existing members to enjoy HafH Travel Subscription services more, starting with the first “First Month 0 Yen Package”, which offers the first month free of charge.

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Travel Subscription service “HafH” will launch a major spring campaign “HafH Travel” on February 21! Including a limited “First Month 0 Yen Package” for new subscribers & “Invitation Campaign for a Round-trip to Korea” for the first 500 pairs of subscribers newly joined through friend invitations!