We have started collaborating with the lodging reservation and sales management system “TEMAIRAZU.”

Lodging facilities that have introduced TEMAIRAZU can now receive reservation information and centrally manage inventory for the travel subscription service “HafH.”

(Headquartered in Nagasaki, Japan; Kenji Sunada, President; hereinafter “KabuK Style”) is pleased to announce the launch of its travel subscription “HafH” in April 2019.

Starting April 12, 2023, the travel subscription service “HafH” operated by Temanizu, Inc. (headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tetsuo Watanabe) has begun system integration with the “TEMAIRAZU” series, which centrally manages multiple lodging reservation sites.


Through this collaboration, the room types offered by HafH can be linked with the “centralized inventory management” provided by TEMAIRAZU, enabling the reception of reservation information and centralized inventory management. As a result, lodging facilities that have introduced TEMAIRAZU can now centrally manage reservation and inventory adjustments that were previously done through HafH’s management screen, improving their operational efficiency.

Additionally, lodging facilities that found it difficult to participate in HafH due to the lack of integration can now utilize this collaboration from the start of their participation.

◼︎Overview of TEMAIRAZU System Series

The TEMAIRAZU series is an ASP system that provides a basic function of centralized management of multiple lodging reservation sites for domestic lodging facilities, as well as fast acquisition of reservation information and yield management functions. By using the TEMAIRAZU series, lodging facilities can control inventory and prices in bulk, increase revenue, reduce costs, and maximize profits.

【Overview of TemaIrazu Corporation】

(1) Company Name: TemaIrazu Corporation (Stock Code: 2477)

(2) Business Contents: Providing reservation management services for lodging facilities, as well as information comparison and aggregation services.

(3) Headquarters: Ebisu NR Building 7F, 1-21-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

(4) Representative Director: Tetsuo Watanabe

(5) Capital: JPY 717,041,935

(6) Main Services: “TEMAIRAZU” series of reservation site controllers (https://www.temairazu.com/)

comparison site “Hikaku.com” (https://www.hikaku.com/)

〈About HafH〉 HafH (Home away from Home)” is a “Travel Subscription” service that allows users to stay overnight using “HafH Coins” earned in the service. The service offers a new style of travel, not only for sightseeing and business trips, but also for “living”, “working”, and “changing one’s mind”. As of the end of March 2023, more than 1,500 accommodations in Japan and abroad are available. https://www.hafh.com

〈Company Profile〉 Company name: KabuK Style Co. Representative: Kenji Sunada,CEO Establishment: January 8, 2019 (Established: February 5, 2018) April 1, 2019 Service launch Capital: 2,437 million yen (as of March 2023, total capital funding) Business: Operation of travel subscription “HafH,” lodging and rental operations, travel agency URL: https://kabuk.com