KabuK Style, which operates the travel subscription service “HafH,” has been confirmed to appear on the April 27th (Thu) broadcast of “Cambrian Palace”.

Our company will be featured in the April 27th (Thu) broadcast of ‘Nikkei Special Cambrian Palace’ airing on the TV TOKYO from 11:06 PM to 11:55 PM.

Broadcast Overview

■ Date and Time: April 27th, 2023 (Thu) from 11:06 PM to 11:55 PM

■ Program: “Nikkei Special Cambrian Palace” on the TV TOKYO network

■ Program Overview: “Cambrian Palace” is a talk live show for adults where Ryu Murakami and Eiko Koike introduce the Japanese economy that is not covered in the news, with the help of “economic people of the Cambrian era.”

■ Official Website: https://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/cambria/

■ Preview Video: https://youtu.be/PPSNWMQIETo

■Content: Easy and Affordable Travel! Full Details of Hotel Subscription Service “HafH”

The Japanese economy has started to recover and regain its energy as the COVID-19 restrictions are easing. Especially with the support of the national travel promotion, the tourism industry is finally showing bright prospects. In such circumstances, subscription services that allow users to use accommodation facilities for a fixed fee have gathered great attention. The well-known major player that has entered the market and gained support from many users is “HafH,” which won the Grand Prix at the 2021 Subscription Awards. With various plans that are easy to use, the service has taken advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has increased remote work, and the number of members has increased. What is HafH’s strategy that attracts many people? (From the program’s official website)

■Distribution: Available on the internet, TV TOKYO, TVer (real-time distribution available), Paravi, and TV Tokyo Biz.

※After the broadcast, a special page compiling the hotels introduced in the program will be published. Please take a look.

〈About HafH〉

HafH (Home away from Home)” is a “Travel Subscription” service that allows users to stay overnight using “HafH Coins” earned in the service. The service offers a new style of travel, not only for sightseeing and business trips, but also for “living”, “working”, and “changing one’s mind”. As of the end of March 2023, more than 1,500 accommodations in Japan and abroad are available. https://www.hafh.com

〈Company Profile〉

Company name: KabuK Style Co. Representative: Kenji Sunada,CEO Establishment: January 8, 2019 (Established: February 5, 2018) April 1, 2019 Service launch Capital: 2,437 million yen (as of March 2023, total capital funding) Business: Operation of travel subscription “HafH,” lodging and rental operations, travel agency URL: https://kabuk.com