KabuK Style and JAL establish system integration.Immediate reservations for JAL airline tickets now available through ‘HafH’.KabuK Style and JAL establish system integration.

After two rounds of testing, seamless and flexible immediate reservations for JAL airline tickets have become a reality! A total of 148 domestic JAL routes (with some exceptions) can now be reserved using HafH coins.

KabuK Style Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture; CEO: Kenji Sunada; hereinafter referred to as “KabuK Style”) has conducted two rounds of testing with Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuji Akasaka; hereinafter referred to as “JAL”) from August to November 2021 for approximately three months and from June 2022 to March 2023 for approximately nine months. Through these tests, we have deepened discussions on new ways of traveling, lifestyles, improving the value of travel experiences, and achieving seamless transportation to destinations.

After the two rounds of testing, KabuK Style and JAL will perform direct system integration without going through other services. We will begin beta testing for an airline subscription service that allows for immediate purchase of JAL airline tickets through HafH from May 11, 2023.

Based on our mission to “create social infrastructure that allows for diverse values to be accepted as they are,” we will continue to evolve HafH as a flat-rate MaaS service that makes travel easier and more convenient, not only for accommodations but also for transportation.

5 points about KabuK Style × JAL airline subscription service (beta version)

◼️Reserve your air ticket with HafH coins. The coin amount remains the same for the same route and date.
In addition to accommodation, you can now book air tickets with HafH. If the route and date are the same, the coin amount for the air ticket remains the same. Generally, the coin amount is the same even for different travel dates, except for last-minute bookings or during peak periods.

◼️Cancel with a fixed coin fee until the day before for a flexible trip
Even for sudden changes in plans, you can cancel your reservation (with a coin fee) for only 100 coins until the day before.

◼️Instant reservation of air tickets until 23:00 the day before
148 routes (as of April 12, 2023) of JAL’s domestic flights (except for some) are now available for reservation. You can check the remaining seats and make an immediate reservation, making the reservation of JAL domestic flights complete with HafH.

◼️Accumulate flight miles and FLY ON points
You can earn flight miles and FLY ON points. The accumulation rate (per one section) is 50% for regular seats and 60% for Class J.

◼️Seamless boarding experience
Simply scan the 2D barcode displayed on HafH at the airport security checkpoint and boarding gate, and you can board JAL’s aircraft.

※There are various conditions for reserving an air ticket, including using HafH.

Overview of KabuK Style x JAL Airline Subscription Service (Beta Version)

Target plans: New Standard, JAL Travel Plan, JAL Couple Travel Plan
※New Standard and JAL Travel/Couple Plans are no longer accepting new reservations

Reservation start date: Scheduled for May 11th, 2023, 13:00

Boarding start date: From May 12th, 2023

Flight reservation: One-way, round-trip, or multiple-destination reservations are available for one sector (including transit reservations to the same destination), assuming at least one HafH accommodation reservation for one night or more per reservation.

Application deadline for reservations:Until 11:00 p.m. on the day before the departure date.

Date of boarding:From the boarding date of May 12th, 2023 (reservation starts at 1:00 PM on May 11th)

Reservation method:real-time reservation

Flight arrangement:HafH Coin ※ HafH accommodation booking confirmation for 1 night or more is required

Checking seat availability:Real-time availability display

Number of routes:148 domestic routes *as of April 12th, 2023

e-Ticket Passenger Receipt:Displayed on the HafH website (in the form of a two-dimensional barcode)

HafH Accommodation Requirements:Flight arrangements are possible with a confirmed HafH accommodation reservation of at least one night or more, subject to various conditions

Cancellation of reservation:Possible

Change of reservation:Not possible

Class of seat:Economy Class / Class J

Reservation for multiple people:If a HafH member is the representative of the reservation, they can make reservations for multiple people along with their HafH accommodation reservation.In addition, the companions do not have to be HafH members. ※Some conditions apply

Booking for Children:Children’s reservations are available with the assumption that the reservation is made by a HafH member. *Infants (8 days to less than 3 years old) are limited to a maximum of two per adult. One infant can be arranged to sit on the lap (free of charge), while the other infant requires a seat reservation (reservation using HafH coins). *Child discounts are available.

Flight miles / FLY ON Points:Flight miles and FLY ON points can be accumulated.

Accrual Rate (per one way/sector) The mileage accumulation rate is 50% for regular seats and 60% for Class J per sector/one-way.

Please refer to the HafH official website and terms of service for more details:

In the future, we will update the airline subscription service by accumulating transaction data through the beta version operation, in order to improve the accuracy of price and transaction volume estimation algorithms.

KabuK Style CEO Kenji Sunada’s comment

Entering the aviation industry with its wider price fluctuations than hotel prices required further innovation of our risk management algorithms. Since our first proof-of-concept experiment in the summer of 2021, we have been steadily accumulating verification of the effectiveness of our approach while deepening mutual understanding with Japan Airlines. We are delighted to be able to offer our members a seamless JAL flight booking experience through this direct system integration. Going forward, we will continue to strive to provide our members with even more stable and cost-effective experiences by accumulating transaction data and improving the accuracy of our pricing and trading volume estimation algorithms.

As a company with a mission to create infrastructure for a society that tolerates diverse values, we are steadily expanding our services worldwide to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience a diverse world, not just hotels but also reservations related to travel.

〈About HafH〉

HafH (Home away from Home) is a “Travel Subscription” service that allows guests to stay overnight using “HafH Coins” earned through the service. The service offers a new style of travel, not only for sightseeing and business trips, but also for “living”, “working”, and “changing one’s mind”. As of the end of March 2023, more than 1,700 accommodations in Japan and abroad are available at fixed rates. https://www.hafh.com

〈Company Profile〉

Company name: KabuK Style Co. Representative: Kenji Sunada, CEO and Founder Establishment: January 8, 2019 (Established February 5, 2018) April 1, 2019 Service launch Capital: 2,437 million yen (as of March 2023, total amount of capital raised) Business: Operation of travel subscription “HafH,” lodging and rental operations, travel agency