Travel subscription service ”HafH” has entered into a direct system partnership with Japan Airlines. Promoting digitalization of flight operations. Full of seamless flight functions that can be completed on your smartphone.

Eliminate the need to go to the airport in the event of irregularities with your booked flight. With just a smartphone, you can view your reservation, display your boarding pass, receive cancellation and delay notifications, , get rebooking information, and process refunds.

Global Travel Fintech company KabuK Style Inc. (Headquarters: Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan, CEO and Founder: Kenji Sunada, hereinafter referred to as KabuK Style) has conducted two demonstration experiments with Japan Airlines Co., LTD. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku , Tokyo, Japan, Representative Director, President: Yuji Akasaka ,hereinafter referred to as JAL), and has established a direct system connection without going through other services. HafH(a travel subscription service operated by KabuK Style that allows you to stay at accommodations around the world for a fixed monthly fee) enables instant JAL reservations and promotes the digitalization of airline service functions.

With the vision of “Using the power of technology to redesign travel worldwide to make it more accessible,” KabuK Style is committed to moving to the next generation of services, enhancing services to meet evolving and diverse needs, solving challenges for providers, travelers and agents, and ultimately making travel easier, more integrated into everyday life and more convenient.

We will provide digital support utilizing direct system integration for JAL flight reservations through HafH (hereinafter referred to as “this support”). With this support, you can shorten the check-in time by receiving a two-dimensional barcode (e-ticket customer receipt) notification. Additionally, timely notifications of potential irregularities (such as cancellations or delays) and their occurrences will allow for seamless handling via your smartphone, from rebooking to refunds. Therefore, even in the event of unexpected cancellations, delays, etc., this support contributes to reducing the number of irregularities handled at airport counters from the supplier’s perspective, and from the agent’s perspective, it enables them to allocate time to other cases.

Furthermore, from the traveler’s perspective, not only can you grasp confirmed information about cancellations, delays, etc., but also their potential occurrences. This allows for smooth handling aligned with your own schedule via your smartphone without the need to wait in line at the airport counter.

Eligibility for this Support:

Individuals who have made flight reservations (JAL domestic flights) through HafH will automatically be eligible.

Irregularities such as Cancellations or Delays:

The reference criteria for airlines (JAL) that can be booked through HafH and may be affected or require special handling are as follows:

・Cancellation of flights

・Weather investigations, conditional flights

・Cases where the airline (JAL) deems special handling necessary (natural disasters, etc.)

・Delays of 30 minutes or more, etc.

1: Notification of E-Ticket Customer Receipt with a 2D Barcode

After making a reservation, we will notify you of the 2D barcode (e-ticket customer receipt) on HafH’s flight ticket reservation details page. On the day of your boarding, please scan the barcode at the security checkpoint and boarding gate. This will shorten the check-in time.

2: Timely Email Notifications of Cancellations, Delays, etc.

After the airline has made a decision regarding flights that may be affected, HafH will promptly notify the registered email address of the relevant person through automatic notifications.

3: Timely Notification of Impact on Reservation Details Page in case of Cancellations, Delays, etc.

After the airline has made a decision regarding flights that may be affected, HafH will display the potential impact on the flight ticket reservation details page and notify you in a timely manner.

4: Online Rescheduling of Flights at No Charge*

If a flight is identified as potentially affected, you can reschedule online through a designated page accessed via the “Review Your Flight Ticket” option on HafH’s flight ticket reservation details page, up to 30 minutes before the original scheduled boarding time, even on the day of your flight. (No charge)

You can transfer to the same route within 30 days from the originally reserved flight date.

*Depending on the desired date for rescheduling your reserved flight, you will be guided via the airline-designated dedicated page or through the HafH member-exclusive concierge chat from the flight ticket reservation details page.

*In the event of irregularities determined by the airline after the boarding deadline, please consult with the airport counter or airport staff.

5. Online Refund of Flight Coins

You can also request a full refund of Flight Coins online. This option is available only for flights anticipated to be affected. As long as it is within 30 days from the originally scheduled boarding date, you can process the full refund of Flight Coins through the “Cancel” option displayed on the flight ticket reservation details page.

*Digital Support refers to support provided through HafH’s digital media (such as the HafH app, automated notification emails, chat, etc.)

*JAL’s ticket reservation screen is in Japanese (as of November 1, 2023). We will continue to expand our multilingual support.

*Arranging JAL airline tickets (domestic flights in Japan) is subject to conditions like confirmed accommodation reservations, etc.

*There are contractual conditions for use.

■ About HafH
“HafH (Home away from Home)” is operated by KabuK Style, a global travel fintech company.
HafH (Home away from Home) is a “Travel Subscription” service that allows guests to stay overnight using “HafH Coins” earned through the service. The service offers a new style of travel, not only for sightseeing and business trips, but also for “living”, “working”, and “changing one’s mind”.
As of the end of September 2023, approximately 2,000 accommodations in Japan and abroad are available at fixed rates.
Also, starting from May 11, 2023, we have launched a new air travel subscription service on HafH, allowing for immediate purchase of JAL flight tickets.

■ About KabuK Style
Company name: KabuK Style Inc.
Representative: Kenji Sunada, CEO and Founder
Establishment: January 8, 2019 (Established February 5, 2018) April 1, 2019 Service launch
Capital: 2,437 million yen (as of March 2023, total amount of capital raised)
Business: Operation of travel subscription “HafH,” lodging and rental operations, travel agency