HafH Diversity Support Project Winners

After winning the grand prize at the 2021 Subscription Service Awards, KabuK Style Inc. decided to donate the entire ¥1,000,000 prize money to projects that embody diversity through travel, and so created the “Diversity Support Project”.

A huge thank you for the overwhelming response and to all the applicants.

We have internally deliberated over all the entries and are pleased to announce that we have selected the winners of the Diversity Support Project.

(Application Outline)

KabuK Style to give away entire sum of prize money won at the 2021 Japan Subscription Service Awards & Launches KabuK Style Diversity Support Project

◼︎Review Criteria

  1. Social Impact
  2. Feasibility, potential for ongoing support
  3. Inclusivity – anyone can participate/be a part of it


7 winners were selected in total. One winner was selected in a sales pitch contest within the HafH Community, which is actually run by HafH users. In addition to the grand prize and subordinate prizes, Kanagawa Workation Navi also sponsored an additional ¥100,000 in prize money.

① Grand Prize (Prize money: ¥500,000)

Winner: Itsumi Nishikawa

Project: “Ethical Living Weddings” – Destination weddings that connect ethical living to the future.

The wedding industry emphasizes homogenous values, and is anything but focused on sustainability with high levels of waste. In today’s increasingly diverse society, we can contribute to solving some of these societal issues through destination weddings.


②Runners-up (Prize money ¥100,000 x 4 winners)

Winner: Eiji Nakaoka

“HafH Property Trailer Relocation & Renovation Project”

Winner: Akina Shu

“Nomad University – Diversities through Stories -”

Winner: Aki Fukushima

“Restaurant with a view on Shodoshima Island”

Winner: Mariko Yanagi

“Family Travels: A fun trip for the kids and me”

③HafH Community Special Award (Prize money: ¥100,000)

Winner: Gaku Inoue

“Journeys that broaden horizons to journeys that enhance perspectives: Coaching trip produced by a professional coach!

④ Kanagawa Workation Navi Special Award (Prize money: ¥100,000)

Winner: Minami Tachihara

“Share house and lodging that creates a “cycle of altruism”

Click here for details on runner-up projects and words from the prize winners

We will continue to contribute to society through HafH and other corporate activities in line with our mission to “create the infrastructure for a society that accepts diverse values as they are.”