“HafH” travel subscription service announcing the property ranking in 2022! The first place awarded is “OMO3 Tokyo Akasaka by Hoshino Resorts”

Popular Travel Destinations Ranking in 2022, Tokyo for Japan domestic and Thailand for top overseas

KabuK Style Inc. (Headquartered : Nagasaki, Japan; CEO: Kenji Sunada; hereinafter “KabuK Style”) is the company behind the travel subscription service, HafH, since April 2019.

We are pleased to announce the “HafH OF THE YEAR 2022” annual ranking of properties that can be booked on HafH and the ranking of HafH’s most popular destinations as follows.

  • HafH OF THE YEAR 2022

・HafH Top20 Properties 2022

  • HafH OF THE YEAR 2022(By Topics)

・HafH Top10 Onsen Properties 2022 (New properties in 2022)

・HafH Top10 Domestic Properties 2022 (New properties in 2022)

  • HafH Popular Travel Destinations Ranking

・HafH Top10 Popular Japan Domestic Travel Destinations 2022

・HafH Top5 Popular Overseas Travel Destinations 2022


◼︎HafH OF THE YEAR 2022

HafH OF THE YEAR 2022 will announce the properties with the highest number of overnight stays throughout the year.

・HafH Top20 Properties 2022


“OMO3 Tokyo Akasaka by Hoshino Resorts” was the most booked property by HafH users throughout the year.

Located in the prestigious Akasaka area of central Tokyo, the hotel’s design and guided tours that allow guests to explore the local area in depth were well received by many HafH users, whether on weekdays or holidays, for workation or just for a change of scenery.


OMO3 Tokyo Akasaka by Hoshino Resorts

◼︎HafH OF THE YEAR 2022(By Topics)

Announcing the most popular properties that started booking at HafH in 2022, in two different topics!

・HafH Top10 Onsen Properties 2022 (New properties in 2022)


The most popular hot spring inn that began booking on HafH in 2022 was ONSEN RYOKAN YUEN SAPPORO. The property was popular among HafH users as a facility where guests can enjoy the source of the Karurusu hot spring (Noboribetsu, Hokkaido) and seasonal cuisine from various parts of Hokkaido.



HafH is also focusing on expanding its onsen properties. Currently, more than 100 onsen ryokan and hotels in Japan are available at HafH.

  • For more detailsThe HafH Japan Onsen MAP is now live! 20 new hot spring inns now available on HafH !(Press release, November 10, 2022)

◼︎HafH Top10 Domestic Properties 2022(New properties in 2022)


In addition to “OMO3 Tokyo Akasaka by Hoshino Resort,” which ranked first in the overall ranking, “OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka by Hoshino Resort,” “OMO5 Okinawa Naha by Hoshino Resort,” and “OMO3 Sapporo Susukino by Hoshino Resort” were also popular among HafH users in Japan.

Hoshino Resort, which began its partnership with HafH in April of 2022, offers 14 properties under two brands: “OMO,” which offers “machinaka” hotels that raise spirits, and “BEB,” which proposes a loose-fitting stay with friends.


OMO5 Tokyo Otsuka by Hoshino Resort

◼︎HafH Popular Travel Destinations Ranking

・HafH Top10 Popular Japan Domestic Travel Destinations 2022Presenting the top 10 most popular domestic destinations, based on the number of HafH bookings throughout the year 2022.


Although the top 10 lineup did not change from last year, Osaka, Kyoto, and the Kansai region rose in the rankings. HafH’s weekday stay rate accounts for 65% of all stays, and new ways to use hotels for more than just sightseeing, including weekday staycations and workations, are increasing in all of these areas.

・HafH Top5 Popular Overseas Travel Destinations 2022One of HafH’s plans for 2022 was “re-expanding overseas properties and gaining overseas customers.” On December 1, the number of available overseas partner properties surpassed 500. HafH is pleased to announce the Top 5 most popular overseas destinations based on the number of HafH bookings throughout the year of 2022.


We focused on “expansion of property variations in Southeast Asian countries,” which was one of our plans. In addition, with the significant easing of entry restrictions in various countries starting in the second half of 2022, the number of visitors to Thailand, Taiwan, and South Korea, among others, has increased.

Indonesia ranked fourth on the list, as the company expanded accommodations in Bali (Indonesia) as part of its “expansion of properties in resort areas where overseas travel from Japan is expected.”

Likewise, as part of the expansion of properties in the resort area, we also worked with the Guam Visitors Bureau in 2022. It also features the start of the use of Guam properties.

HafH will continue to further extend its partnerships with attractive properties and expand our services as a “travel subscription” that enables travelers to save more money and travel more conveniently.

  • Period of ranking calculation: January 1, 2022 – December 8, 2022